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Oke Aye Street, PMB 0001, Imesi Ile Osun State
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Welcome to The Polytechnic Imesi Ile

The Polytechnic , Imesi – lle is a government approved institution , with courses accredited by NBTE . The environment is safe , serene and conducive for learning . Our staff are qualified , committed and formative . We have well equipped laboratories , workshops and maintain NBTE rules and regulations in Lecture Rooms . Come and use our internet facilities , e – library , ICT and equip yourself for the future in our EED department .

Our Vision

To produce students who will question assumptions, disrupt the usual ways of doing things leveraging on technology, cutting edge instructional content and materials in line with current educational development beyond the 21st century

Our Mission

Through excellence in technical, digital, skills, critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making using tools required to be innovators and disruptors

Learning for Skills and Character

Home Technological Advancement
We constantly upgrade our curriculum to reflect the latest development in the world of Technology so that our graduates are equiped with the current technological skills
Qualified Staff
Our members of Staff are highly qualified, committed and motivated. Through our continuous Training of the Trainer programme, we ensure that every member of the workforce is up-to-date.
Character and Skills
We do not just train your child(ren)/ward(s), we mould them into useful young professionals with the right skills and character. We place emphasis on the altitude and character of our students.

News and Events

VPI Under New Management
Image of the handing over

Villanova Polytechnic Imesi Ile, Osun State in now under the Management of The Board of Trustees of...

2022-10-02 Admin
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Admission! Admission!! Admission!!
Image of the handing over

The Polytechnic Imesi Ile is calling for suitable qualified candidates, who sat for the last UTME ex...

2022-10-02 Admin
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Meet our Principal Officers
Dr 'Gbola Adesina (Rector)
Dr 'Gbola Adesina is the Rector of The Polytechnic Imesi Ile. He is a seasoned Educational Administrator and serves as consultants to many local and international Institutes.
Mr. Sunday J.B. Ajayi (Registrar)
Mr Ajayi served as the pioneer Registrar of The Polytechnic Imesi Ile. He has over 30 years of Administrative Experience in Polytechnic Management.