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Villanova Polytechnic , Imesi – lle is a government approved institution , with courses accredited by NBTE . It is under the management of the Order of St. Augustine , Catholic Diocese of Osogbo . The environment is sale , serene and conducive for learning . Our staff are qualified , committed and formative . We have well equipped laboratories , workshops and maintain NBTE rules and regulations in Lecture Rooms . Come and use our internet facilities , e – library , ICT and equip yourself for the future in our EED department . 

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School Of Applied Science

Courses involved are Computer science and Science and laboratory technology

School Of Business Studies

Courses involved are Business administration, accountancy and marketing

School Of Engineering Technology

Courses involved are Computer engineering technology, Electronic/ Electronic Engineering Technology

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The Board are responsible for the decision and management on academic matters of the polytechnic including the regulation of admission of students , the award of certificates and diplomas , scholarships , prizes and other academic distinctions . Submission of periodic reports to the Council on academic matters, maintenance    standard of academic excellence of the Institution and discharge any other functions which the council may delegate to it

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