St. Thomas of Villanova S aint Thomas of Villanova was born in 1486 in Castle , Spain . He received a superior education at the University of Alcala and became a popular professor of philosophy at the same university . He later became an Augustinian priest at Salamanca , however , after his ordination , he resumed his teaching . He became prior and then provincial of the friars , and was later the Archbishop of Granada . The money his Cathedral gave him to furnish his house as Archbishop , he gave to a hospital instead . His explanation was : ” Our Lord will be better served by your money being spent on the poor in the hospital . What does a poor friar like me want with furniture ? ” Several hundred poor came to Thomas’s door each morning and received a meal , wine , and money . He took in orphans and paid his servants for every deserted child they brought to him . He encouraged the wealthy to imitate his example and be richer in mercy and charity than they were in earthly possessions . As he lay dying , Thomas commanded that all the money he possessed be distributed to the poor . Mass was being celebrated in his presence when after Communion he breathed his last on 8th September 1555 in Valencia , Spain , while reciting the words : ” Into your hands , O Lord , I commend my spirit ” . In his lifetime , Thomas of Villanova was already called ” the almsgiver ” and ” the father of the poor ” . He was September 22 . canonized in 1658. His Liturgical Feast Day is September 22.

Prayer To St. Thomas Of Villanova

I will love you, Lord, in every way
and without setting limits to my love.
You set no limits to what you have done for me,
you have not measured out your gifts.
I will not measure out my love.
I will love you, Lord,
with all my strength, with all my powers,
as much as I am able.